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Timcare Biotech is a revolutionary combination of human and environmentally friendly active micro-organisms creating a powerful cocktail of beneficial enzymes, super catalyzing enzymes and co-factors with remarkable ability to fully digest a wide range of compounds and sanitize the environment.

It is a natural 100% organic, bio-degradable culture without harsh chemicals or residues. 

Timcare Biotech product rapidly digests fats, protein, carbohydrate, cellulose, and a wide range of pollutants leaving the environment in natural balance.
The power of Timcare Biotech is a newly discovered naturally occurring enzyme known as ‘Super Catalase’.

This cultured protein creates a Kinetic Rate Increase for all other enzymes of 1,000’s to 100,000’s of thousands of times their normal rate of catalysis. For example:

Enzyme Type Natural Kinetic Rate Timcare Biotech Rate Enhancement
Lipase 5,000 / sec 10M / sec
Protease 25-30K / sec 1 Billion+ / sec

What Makes Timcare Biotech So Unique?

Timcare Biotech gives superior performance in all its many applications,which can be summarised as follows:

  1. Very High Speed
    ‘Super Catalase’ the proprietary enzyme in Timcare Biotech enable products formulated with our technology to perform thousands of times faster than what was previously possible.

  2. Broad Functionality
    Timcare Biotech has 4 core capabilities of rapidly breaking down organic waste, namely,anti-microbial,anti-fungal, toxin-neutralisation, and speed enhancement that made Timcare Biotech a truly unique technology.

  3. Broad Spectrum
    Timcare Biotech is formulated to create a very diverse group of catabolic  hydrolysing enzymes. This provide an ability to rapidly and fully digest all non-living matter that is organic in origin

  4. Broad Operative Range

Timcare Biotech, due to its kinetic rate enhancement technology, is able to operate in a much broader range of environmental conditions than previous available technologies.

Timcare Biotech's Working Parameters

Parameter Range Benefit
Alkalinity pH 1.5 – 9.6 Wide range of operative conditions
Oxygen Content 0.5ppm + Facultative Anaerobe / Aerobic
Salinity Up to 200,000 ppm Effective in Saline conditions
Temperature 0-65°C Wide temperature range
Chlorine Up to 3ppm Operative in moderate chlorine

Timcare Biotech's Unique Characteristics and Comparison with Competitors

CHARACTERISTICS Timcare Biotech LOCAL EM Bacillus subtilis
Content and purity Purely 5 strains of Micro Organism Undetectable Only one species of Bacillus sp
Formulation Alive in Dry cell form Spore forming Spore Forming
Declarable At least 1 X108 cfu/gm Can not declare, normally lower than 1 X105 cfu/gm Takes 2 days of incubation and normally found at 1 X106-7cfu/gm
Mutation possibility Least possibility of mutation Extremely high mutation because of many steps of locally incubation without reliable process Moderate mutant occurring by locally incubation
Storage and handling condition Under room temperature and conditions, guaranteed shelf life is 3 years Shorter shelf life and recommend to store in dark condition only Under room temperature and conditions, guarantee shelf life is lower than 2 years
Effectiveness Recognized by many organizations because of high and superior efficacy Tend to decline because of local incubation Tend to decline because of local incubation
Tolenrance  pH Wider at 1. 5 – 9.6pH Prefer alkaline condition Alkaline only
Temperature Wider at  0 – 65°C Dysfunction above 45°C Dysfunction above 45°C C
Salinity Wider at 0 – 200 ppt Unable to figure out because
of variable content
Operate at 0–15 ppt
Antibiotic Up to 50 ppm  of Antibiotic substances Unable to figure out because of variable content Lower than 30 ppm in general
Copper Up to 5 ppm Unable to figure out because of variable content Lower than 5 ppm in general
Cost of application Cheaper per application that produce good results Cheaper per unit price but high cost for application and investment for efficacy Higher in all aspects of comparison


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