Certifications & Warranty

All our enzymes products were Tested and Certified by:

Japan Food Research Center Foundation :
Tested on toxicity level (LD50). There were no abnormal symptom to any essential organs and Zero animal dead, the 21,000 mg. per kilogram of weight has been fed. (LD50 limit > 21,000 mg/kg BW)

Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) :
Tested on the Acute Oral Toxicity Level (LD50). After ad libitum dosing 14 days, all rat appear normal and zero mortality. Necropsy finding at the termination showed no any gross pathological lesions.

National Institute of Health, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand :
Detection and Isolation of Microorganisms > result > Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi were not foundĀ 

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Company :
Tests show bacteriocide effect against the prevention and growth of Salmonella bacteria

Neotron and LCFA :
Test result of Aflatoxins and Insecticides contamination

Laboratory Biosafety Manual, Global Health Security, World Health Organization, Geneva 2003 :
This group classification is BIO SAFETY LEVEL 1 (no or very low individual and community risk)


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