A study of total 63 volunteers (42 males and 21 females) consuming 2 cans of beer (330 ml/can) each and the group is divided into 3 smaller focus groups. The first is control group, the second took Orala 2 tablets and the third took L-Glutathione (Wakie) 4 capsules.

The alcohol detection, Alca Sensor IV was detected during respiration after consuming alcohol for a period of 10, 20, 30 and 40 minutes.   

The result compared between 40th minute and 10th minute, in the control group was increased by 1%, and in L-glutathione group was decreased by 2% but in Orala was decreased by 69 %. The conclusion drawn is that Orala is able to effectively aid in alcohol decomposition and performs much better than L-Glutathione group.

Orala are natural metabolized enzymes, produced from fermentation. The composition are:
Digestive Enzymes as listed below:

  1. AMYLASE       9000 IU
  2. LIPASE           500 LU                               
  3. PROTEASE     55000 HUT
  4. DEHYDROGENASE     1000 IU
  5. Lactase Amyloglucosidases, Pectinase Proteinases, Glucanases, Cellulases, Cellubiase Hemicellulases, Pentosanases (Xylanase, etc.

Metabolic Enzymes as listed below

  1. Catalase, Amino transferase, Diesterase, Oxidoreductase, Peroxidase, Isomerase, Dehydrogenase, Carboxyl transferase, etc.
  2. Glucanmannan Oligosaccharides             
  3. Pediocins
  4. Killer Toxins
  5. Biovitamins
  6. Biominerals



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