Garbage & Leachate

Odor Emission Management

Waste management key consideration includes management of the environment, in particular odor emission, pollution of ground water and efficiency of land use. In addition, gaseous emissions from waste disposal contribute significantly to the release of greenhouse gases and global warming.
We are attempting to find efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly means of treating both organic and inorganic wastes. We are proud to present an ecologically friendly, waste management solution using our revolutionary microbial enzymes-based technology.

From large scale municipal landfills to waste transfer and handling sites, Timcare Biotech is designed to address
  • Odor control
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Leachate treatment
  • Waste volume reduction
  • Biogas increase
  • Protection of the environment

A revolutionary combination of human friendly active microbials, beneficial enzymes, super catalyzing co-enzymes and co-factors. It is a natural 100% organic culture without harsh chemicals. It rapidly digests waste products, comprising of oils, fats, grease, proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and denatures many chemicals at the molecular level reducing them to their basic elementary compounds.

It reacts bio-chemically with waste molecules, catalyzing their transformation into smell-free non-toxic end products which are consumed in nature. It rapidly accelerates the process of decomposition. It is dual-action (gaseous and substrate) and begins working in minutes.

Tested by independent laboratories and confirmed to be non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous, Timcare Biotech demonstrates effective odor removal as highlighted in the graphs below which measure the air quality from the garbage fermenting tanks of the Department of Public Cleaning, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on January 19, 2006, by the index of Hydorgen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan and total VOC’s before and after adding Timcare Biotech.

Mix 1kg to 1000 litres to 2000 litres of water. Spray coverage 500 to 1000 tons of solid waste.

Emission Air Quality

Live microbial and enzymes agent can help reduce total VOC in emission air quality
Sampling of emission air from stack at the roof of the Feed Mill and monitor the concentration of Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC). The air sampling had been done from the cooler stack before and after spraying the Timcare Biotech Extra microbial & enzyme agents.

Air Emission from cooler stack work procedures

    1. Dry wind output of 24,000 m3 per hour (900mm diameter, 3 meter stack long)
    2. Timcare Biotech has been applied via a 1,000 psi, low volume misting system into the stack.
    3. Timcare Biotech was mixed into solution and applied at 100 gm into a 200 L reservoir (500 ppm). 
    4. The solution was then delivered via 8 nozzles in spiral formation along the stack at 6.25 L of solution per nozzle per hour. 
    5. The usage of Timcare Biotech is 50 gm per hour.








3.92 (74.0%)

8.98 (74.0%)

Independent sampling by SGS was taken on the 3rd of April 2008, prior to application of Timcare Biotech. After 10 minutes of application further sampling was taken.

1.         Rapid reduction of odor emissions “Green air quality”
2.         Elimination of odors molecules upon contact
3.         Effective on wide range of VOC’s
4.         Effective in high volume air stream
5.         Simple continuous application
6.         Decrease scum accumulate in smoke stack and decrease cleansing cost
7.         Safe to use
8.         Highly cost effective

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