Grease Trap


Environmentally sound and totally biodegradable, Timcare Biotech when added into typical drain systems is able to break down the organic material into water soluble nutrients. The released nutrients are digested by the selected bacteria which then multiply and produce more enzymes to continue cleaning the entire waste system.

Reduce BOD and COD in the effluent from grease traps. Lowering these components can reduce municipal waste surcharges and the frequency of grease trap pump out.

Timcare Biotech Extra is able to tackle the problem of bad, rancid smell emitted from organic matters in grease trap from rotten eggs, and ammonia. Timcare Biotech Extra will also help accelerate the digestion of fat in the grease trap, reduce the thick grease floating on the surface, save energy in taking out the grease cake on a daily basis. It also helps to eliminate the rancid smell efficiently. In the oxidation ditch, Timcare Biotech Extra helps to digest organic matters quickly without releasing ammonia and rotten egg smell gas.

As a result, there is less smell in the pond. Another advantage is the organic microbes will grow in the anaerobe and aerobe condition. They are a group of facultative anaerobe microbes, which will significantly help reduce the usage of electricity.

Before treatment

1 week after treatment

Bio Gas

Increase methane production
Tests in digester units (manure substrate) have shown CH4 has been proven to increase by 35-40%. This substantially increases the energy production capacity and therefore economics of a biogas plant.

Reduction in CO2 emissions
CO2 levels off-gassed during decomposition of organic wastes are reduced by 50-55%. This has a large and direct greenhouse gas emission benefit.

Due to the rapid action of decomposition achieved by the Timcare Biotech microbes and resultant enzymes temperatures of approx 60° C are achieved. This further accelerates the bio-chemical reaction speed increasing effectiveness. Most natural enzymes could not tolerate this temperature.

Sludge Reduction & Quality
Due to the rapid decomposition capacity, Timcare Biotech will reduce the quantity of final sludge produced. Evidence suggests that this will be a 10-20% reduction over a 3 day total detention period in a digester relative to natural bacteria. In addition the quality of sludge in terms of contaminants, pathogens, odour etc will all be significantly improved.

Plant & Equipment
Corrosion prevention in plant equipment due to removal of sulfides and breakdown of bio-films that harbour sulfide producing bacteria.


Kitchen Cleaning

Elimination of Grease Stain & Odour in Kitchen

  • Cooking area, hood, duct, sink, waste water conduit clogging from digest fat. Cleaning of cooking equipment
  • • Eliminate foul smell and dark - sticky residue, reduce blockage
  • Eliminate smell from food
  • Reduce foul smell in refrigerator
  • Reduce annoying insects such as roaches, flies, etc.
  • Reduce foul smell in mop, cabinet

Initial Treatment:

1) Mix 10 grams (1 table spoon) in 5 liters of water. Wipe throughout the kitchen area including the cooking equipment, by using separate sponge or cloth.

2) For spraying, please be advised to filter the mixture prior to putting into spraying container to avoid clogging of sediments in nozzle (Filter bag available with the product upon request).

3) Follow-Up Treatment:

4) Every day or every other day, Mix 5 grams (1 table spoon) in 5 liters of water. Wipe throughout the kitchen area

5) Pour the remaining sediments into sink, wastewater conduit Mix 10 grams (2 table spoons) in 5 liters of water.

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