The New Soil

The World's Most Powerful Enzyme Technology

The New Soil is an effective and environmentally friendly treatment for cropping and horticulture applications. This is due to its abilities to rapidly neutralise organic contamination, improving the organic components in all soils and providing long term benefits to soil profiles.

The New Soil is 100% organic and friendly to Mother Earth. It promotes metabolic activities in the soil as it contains nitrogen - fixation bacteria, phosphorus and potassium decomposition bacteria and carbon chain decomposition micro-organisms.

Due to the metabolic activities of The New Soil the NPK nutrients are thus easily absorbed by the plant. The New Soil was proven to be able to build up the immunity of the plants and crops against root rot and soil-borne diseases.



Immunity research report against eight types of soil-borne disease and root rot is available upon request. Names of root rot and soil-borne disease are:

Aspergillus Flavus Aspergillus Parasiticus Aspergillus Niger Alternaria Sp.
Fusarium Oxysporum Collectoticum Gloeosporiodes Pestaloiopsis Sp. Phomopsis Sp.

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