GSO Digester

A.K.A. Grease, Sludge, & Odour Digester

Get Rid of Grease, Sludge, & Odour

As the name suggests, GSO digests FOGs along the pipelines and grease traps into water and carbon dioxide. This is a natural degreaser that is essential for every household or food establishments.

  • Remove Grease, Sludge and Odour
  • Reduced order prevents pests such as rats and cockroaches
  • Create a clean and comfortable cooking/ working environment

What makes Timcare’s GSO a powerful grease remover?

Most enzymes are not able to function in acidic or alkaline condition or at cold or hot temperatures, but Timcare GSO is able to as it has a breakthrough formula that is able to work in a wide range of working parameters.

Timcare Biotech
Timcare Biotech


How GSO Is Used, & Its Efficacy

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