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Posted on 27th of November, 2023

As pet owners, creating a space for our little furry friends to thrive in is a priority. From wagging tails to cozy cuddles, our pets are a source of immeasurable joy.

It is important to note that the cleanliness of our living environment influences the happiness and health of our pets. To be a responsible pet owner is to consider not only the visible aspects of cleanliness but also the hidden germs and hazards that can harm our pets.

Challenges Faced By Pet Owners:


Pets, particularly cats and dogs are naturally inclined to play outdoors and bask in the beauty of the environment. Outdoor activities not only bring joy to them but are a necessity for their physical and mental well-being.


However, outdoor playtime exposes our pets to a diverse range of bacteria and germs present. Germs and bacteria are abundant and persistent, and while they are beneficial in enhancing the immune systems of our pet animals, adverse risks can arise if pet hygiene isn’t prioritized. Bacteria can contribute to unpleasant odours and unkempt appearance in pets. Microbial activity on the fur and skin of an animal can often result to foul smells and in more severe cases, even contribute to dermatitis or fungal infections. Without a proper hygiene routine, our pets’ overall hygiene will be compromised.


Key Activities:


To combat this, ensure that grooming is done on a regular basis. Brushing and wiping our pets’ coats after each outdoor trip can get rid of stuck debris or bacteria/germs on the surface that may have accumulated while playing outdoors. Keep in mind to do this gently so as to not cause any unwanted harm to our furry friends. A post-playtime bath is a more thorough method that not only leaves our pets smelling fresh, but also achieves a deeper cleaning that rids of any lingering bacteria and germs.


Maintaining a hygienic living environment for our pets is also essential. If they get in contact with the indoors environment before washing, make sure to wash their bedding and toys, or any surface that is dirtied. This minimizes the presence of bacteria and creates an overall healthy environment for both pets and owners.


Although these precautions are necessary, they can be time-consuming for how frequently our pets require outdoor time. We suggest using a food grade safe, antibacterial spray like Timcare’s NodourPet  as a convenient alternative solution.


Timcare's NodourPet

NodourPet is specially formulated to eliminate bad odours swiftly and effectively from our pets, while simultaneously removing the harmful bacteria that may linger after outdoor playtimes. Beyond just a traditional deodorizer, NodourPet is food grade safe and can even be sprayed in our pets’ mouths as it is completely safe when ingested. Not only does it leave our fluffy companions smelling fresh, NodourPet reduces the risk of bacterial transmission indoors as it can be applied to litter boxes, beddings, and any objects with foul smell.


With only 3 sprays necessary per use, NodourPet’s ease of usage makes it a practical choice for all pet owners seeking a convenient yet comprehensive solution for post-playtime care. By integrating NodourPet into our pet hygiene routines, we can address bad odour while simultaneously safeguarding against potential health risks that come with outdoor playtimes. However, keep in mind that NodourPet cannot replace regular bath times for our pets, which must always remain part of their hygiene routines.


As we continue our precious journey of pet companionship, let us embrace the art of cleanliness and comfort, which come hand in hand.


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