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DIY Clear Septic
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GSO Digester

Degreasing / Unclogging Solutions

All food establishments have problems with clogged pipes and grease traps, our 100% organic and green enzyme technologies will help prevent and remove these issues by digesting Grease, Sludge, and Odour (GSO) or Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOGs).


Ecoballs are a revolutionary invention by Timcare Biotech Sdn Bhd to digest fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) in an organic and environmental-friendly manner. It contains various super catalytic enzymes that effectively converts FOGs into carbon dioxide and water. If you run a Food & Beverage establishment or are in the hospitality industry, Ecoballs can help prevent and remove clogged pipes and grease build-ups. As assessed in this report, ecoballs can digest FOGs up to 92.8% within 4 days.

GSO aka Grease, Sludge and Odour Digester

As the name suggests, GSO digests FOGs along the pipelines and grease traps into carbon dioxide. Unlike most enzymes, Timcare’s GSO Disgester has a breakthrough formula that is able to function in acidic or alkaline (pH 1.5 – 9.6) condition at up to 65 degree Celcius. Our GSO has various certifications and reports to prove that it is organic and efficient. Click the link below to learn more and see videos of how our GSO works.


Our Auto-Dosing Unit (ADU) is perfect for those who prefer the enzymes dispensed at regular intervals. This technology helps eliminate human errors, and automates the process so you do not have to do it.


Our GSO Gel is perfect for F&B outlets, hotels and even homeowners to use in their kitchens, or bathroom to remove oil stains by dissolving stubborn grease build-ups and oil stains.

DIY Clear Septic

This is used to clear up clogged toilets and prevent sludge buildups in the pipes. It is always good to have this as an essential to prevent and remove clogs instantly. Please click below to learn more about this product, and how it works.

Odour Removing Solutions

If you own a home or an establishment, it is important to keep the odour in check and prevent foul smell by getting to the root of the problem early-on.

Nodour Pet

If you have furry children at home, and odour or bacteria has been a concern, this is the BEST SOLUTION for you! It not only removes odour from litter or urine, but also gets rid of bacteria.

Best Odour Solution

BOS is a non-chemical, non-alcohol and food-grade safe mineral used for removing odour. It neutralises smells by killing bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, MRSA, Candida Albicans, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Aspergillus Niger.

AQUA Odour Remover

AQUA is an environmental friendly and non-toxic solution to remove foul odour. These are perfect on removing and preventing odour in environments such as chicken, cow, shimp or pig farms, incinerators, and rubbish dumps. Please click below to learn more about this product, and how it works.


The bioball is an enzyme used to remove foul smell in urinals, basin, and shower traps. The enzymes will feed on the ammonia in the urine, hence activating the microbes which start to digest into organic matter. This process result in removing bad odour. Please click below to learn more about this product, and how it works.

Aquaculture Farming Solutions

Timcare Biotech provides farm owners the best eco-friendly solutions to sustain and care for their shrimp, koi fishes and other aquaculture.

Fish Pond & Filter Cleaner

Gives a 100% clean up at the water filter section and also sludge residues inside the fish pond. Manual cleaning can only flush all visible sludge at filter section only.

Clear Water Koi Enzyme

This is a unique water and soil probiotic for high stocking density. It also decreases blue green algae, enhance fish health, stabilise water pH level, helps to build up beneficial phyto and zoo-plankton growth.

Bionic Shrimp

Timcare’s Bionic Shrimp is another unique water and soil probiotic that promotes healthy growth and reduce mortality rates of the shrimp significantly by eating up faeces and urine in the shrimp pond in an eco-friendly and bio-degradable manner.


Active-D is a herbal growth supplement which naturally helps to enhance the growth of shrimps. This is NOT a hormone.

Sludge Ball

The Sludge-Ball is formulated to metabolise sludge and ammonia for FISH and Shrimp farms. This will eventually reduce the NH3 reading to zero, with correct dosage and proper management.

Algae Buster

Algae Buster helps to manage PO4 and algae that somehow, unfortunately grow abundantly in fish and shrimp ponds, causing booms and bust blooms which adversely affect marine life.

Agriculture Farming Solutions

Timcare Biotech provides farm owners the best eco-friendly solutions to sustain and care for their crops.

Fruit & Flower Booster

If you are a plant lover or simply a plant owner who finds that your fruit or flower plans it not blooming well, try this concentrate. We are proud to say that as with all our products, it is a 100% bio-based and eco-friendly fertilizer spray. This is applicable to all fruit plants, vegetables, and all sort of flowering plants.

Insect Ecogreen Eliminator (IEE) Concentrate

Keeps your plants healthy and pest-free through our Insect Ecogreen Eliminator (IEE). Timcare’s IEE is made from naturally occuring plant oils and fatty acids. It penetrates the protective outer shell of soft bodied insect pests, causing dehydration and death within hours.

Anti-Gano G12

Our G-12 formulation is made from natural ingredients, and will not harm the tree or plant, or animals in contact upon application. It suitable for all plant or fruit tree disease/fungus inhibition.

Timcare NT-2

Our NT-2 is a Fish Hydrolysate Enzymatic Organic Fertilizer. NT-2 is a premium enzymatic liquid fertilizer that feeds plants and soil. It is a natural and organic source of nitrogen and phosphorus. We are working towards motivating farmers to practice organic and sustainable farming.

Farmer Composter

Farmer Composter is an enzyme that helps convert chicken, cow, and pig manure into organic dry and odourless fertilizer within 10 days.

Livestock Farming Solutions

Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Timcare provides full technical transfer and know how on producing and harvesting BSF . Converting your food waste to useful valuable protein source for animal feed.

Health Solutions

Our natural enzymes are 100% professionally certified, environmental-friendly, and human-friendly. These products are tested and proven to be safe for human consumption. They are produced from our carefully extracted enzymes for a healthier body. Additionally, natural mineral such as nano Zinc is used for its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Orala Liver Protection

Orala is an enzyme that helps safeguard your liver from alcohol poisoning or damage. This protects your liver from being damaged by alcohol consumption and is to be taken as a prevention measure. Click below to learn more about how it works.

Nano Shield

Nano Shield comprises of Nano Zinc and reverse osmosis water. This is a versatile inorganic mineral which is strongly anti-bacterial and is 200 times more effective than regular Zinc as an antibacterial and deodorizing agent. Nano Shield is effective against Swine Flu, LD50 Compliant, and various bugs such as E. Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus aka MRSA or better known as the Super Bug. Click below for more scientific reports and information.

Goya Heal

Goya Heal is a natural formulation made with Bitter Melon Extract as the main ingredient. The Bitter Melon extract promotes wound healing and a high percentage of antioxidants, effectively eliminating bacteria. Goyaheal effectively heals wounds by killing and preventing the development of bacteria.


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