All food establishments have problems with clogged pipes and grease traps. An easy solution is to either apply GSO or Ecoballs so that the FOGs (fats, oils and greases) are digested away. Ecoballs are slow-release enzyme balls that are dropped into the second compartment of the grease trap every 10-15 days. It also removes odour which in turn will not attract cockroaches and rats to the kitchen. GSO, which is in powder form, can be used every day or every 3 days, depending on the amount of FOGs deposited into the grease traps. This is explained further under product named as GSO.
Ecoballs are a revolutionary invention by Timcare Biotech Sdn Bhd to digest fats, oils and greases (FOGs) the organic and environmentally-friendly manner, without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals that are ailing our fragile Mother Earth. Ecoballs are evolved after a series of vigorous tests which are performed by our in-house professors.

In a nutshell, Ecoballs are a slow-release invention and is a concoction of various super catalytic enzymes that effectively digest FOGs into water and carbon dioxide. They are used extensively in hotels, food and beverage industries. In line with corporate social responsibility (CSR), hospitality industries have stood by their vows to keep the environment safe and healthy for future generations to come, and Ecoballs have indeed proved its efficacy without leaving any carbon footprints on our fragile environment.

Ecoball is proud to say that she has the coveted “Green Label” awarded by Singapore Environment Council as well as LD50 food safe certification by Acumen Lab and TUV. For more information on the certificates, please contact us.

GSO aka Grease, Sludge and Odour Digester

As the name clearly suggest, GSO digests FOGs along the pipelines and grease traps into water and carbon dioxide. Most enzymes are not able to function in acidic or alkaline condition or at cold or hot temperatures, but Timcare GSO is able to as it has a breakthrough formula that is able to work in a wide range of working parameters. The more it is used, the better the outcome. As odour is also significantly reduced, rats and cockroaches will not be attracted to the kitchen area, therefore resulting in a clean and pleasant working environment for the chefs.

GSO has the relevant certificates and reports conducted by qualified and reputable labs and University professors to prove that it is organic as well as its efficacy. For more information, please contact us.

Kindly click on relevant links to see videos of how GSO is being used and its efficacy.


For some customers, they would prefer to use Auto Dosing Unit as it dispense ALP20 enzyme at regular intervals, hence eliminating human errors. ALP20 comes in either a 5-litre or 10-litre jelly can. The ADU is programmed to dispense ALP20 twice a day so there is no build-up of FOGs. Generally, a 10-litre jelly can will last for 2 months.


GSO Gel is an extraordinary gel that ‘melts’ grease and oil stains that stick around your cooking pans, kitchen hoods and other kitchen utensils. Furthermore, GSO Gel can also be used to wash the oily kitchen floor and the foul-smelling toilet floor.


AQUA is a concoction of powerful microbes and enzymes to breakdown nitrogen- and sulphur-containing compounds which include amines, ammonia, mercaptans, nitrogen sulphide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). AQUA is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be used in any place that emits foul odour, such as chicken and cow farms, shrimp and pig farms, incinerators and rubbish dumps. Pour entire contents of the packet into water (see dosage instructions on product) and spray onto affected areas. The odour will be drastically removed in 10 minutes.

DIY Clear Septic

This is used to clear clogs in toilets as well as preventing the buildup of sludge in the pipes and clearing the septic system. Pour the entire contents into the toilets and flush the next day. Use it every 3 days if the toilets and pipes are clogged, or bi-annually for maintenance.

Odour Ball

Odour ball is enzyme used to remove foul smell at urinals, basin and shower traps. Ammonia from urine will ‘feed’ the enzymes, hence activating the microbes which start to digest the organic matter, thereby removing bad odour. Odour ball will also digest the oil hence its usage is very versatile. Depending on how heavy is the usage, one odour ball will generally last for 4 weeks. To prevent wastage, wet the ball and leave on affected areas after showering or washing.

Clear Water Koi Enzyme

This is a unique water and soil probiotic for high stocking density. It also decreases blue green algae, enhance fish health, stabilise water pH level, helps to build up beneficial phyto and zoo-plankton growth. This enzyme generally increase the oxygen level in the water, hence promoting a good water quality. Use 1 pack of 100g of Clear Water Koi Enzyme to 10,000 litres and use once a month.


Bionic Shrimp is a unique water & soil probiotic for high stocking density. It is used to eat up dissolved faeces and urine in the shrimp pond. It promotes healthy growth and reduce mortality rates significantly. Bionic Shrimp is fully organic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly to the shrimps and environment. It is welcomed and used extensively by shrimp farmers as shrimps grow to a sizable weight with very low mortality, hence maximizing profits.

In conjunction with Bionic Shrimp, Timcare Bionic Anti-Virus is widely used by shrimp farmers to kill various water-borne viruses that causes high mortality rates.


Activ-D is a herbal growth supplement which will enhance the growth of the shrimps. It is NOT a hormone.


Farmer Composter is used to convert chicken, cow and pig manure into organic fertiliser within 10 days. It is an effective enzyme which no other enzymes can come close to, in terms of its efficacy and effectiveness, in converting manure into dry and odourless fertiliser. This is a ‘MUST-TRY-TO-KNOW’ enzyme which amazes those who used it.


Good news for alcohol drinkers as Orala is here to safeguard your liver from alcohol poisoning and damage. The enzyme will metabolize alcohol into water and carbon dioxide so no alcohol enters the blood stream that causes inebriation. However, do note that this is NOT an antidote to an already damaged liver. Orala works by digesting alcohol, hence eliminating the need for the liver or kidneys to do the job. This, in turn, greatly reduce the chances of hangovers. Hangovers are a result of alcohol’s assimilation into the blood stream, and symptoms include headaches, dehydration, irritability, sleep disturbances, liver cirrhosis, etc. To ease such symptoms, just suck 1-2 tablets and drink a 200ml glass of water before consuming alcohol. Orala can also be consumed after drinking and the result is the same. For more information, please contact us. For Powerpoint presentation, please click on the link…..

Nano Shield

Nano Shield comprises of Nano Zinc and reverse osmosis water. Nano Zinc is a versatile inorganic mineral which is strongly anti-bacterial with a particle size ranging from 1-100nm, and is 200 times more effective than Zinc. In the metric system, the scientific notation is 1×10(power to -9) m. Nano Shield is used widely and comprehensively as an effective anti-bacterial and deodorising agent in many industries including the biological and medical industries. Nano Shield is effective against SWINE flu, LD 50 compliant, and effective against various bugs such as E. coli and Staphococcus aureus aka MRSA, just to name a few. Contact us for more scientific reports and information.