Automate Your Enzyme Dosage

ALP20 & Auto Dosing Unit (ADU)

Our ALP20 is a specially formulated enzyme that digests Grease, Sludge, & Odour (GSO), and in other words prevents FOG build-up. This enzyme is to be  used along with our Auto Dosing Unit (ADU) . Our ADU dispenses the ALP20 at regular intervals, which is helpful if you either have no time to take care of, or are unsure of the amount and how often to add the enzyme for efficacy.

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How It Works

ALP20 comes in either a 5-litre or 10-litre jelly can. The ADU is programmed to dispense ALP20 twice a day so there is no build-up of FOGs. Generally, a 10-litre jelly can will last for 2 months.

Eliminate Human Errors

Our ADU pumps GSO-Digesting ALP20 in regular intervals, thus eliminating human errors.

Time Efficient

With its auto-dosing tendencies, our ALP20 and ADU will help you do all the work.


You can count on our ALP20 to help digest excess grease and prevent FOG build ups.

Timcare Biotech
Timcare Biotech
Auto Dosing Unit
Timcare Biotech
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