Clear Water Koi Enzyme

Clear Water for Healthy Fish

This is a unique water and soil probiotic for high stocking density.

It also decreases blue green algae, enhance fish health, stabilise water pH level, helps to build up beneficial growth of phytoplankton and zooplankton.

This enzyme generally increases oxygen levels in the water, hence promoting good water quality and a clear fish pond.

Use 1 pack of 100g of Clear Water Koi Enzyme to 10,000 litres of pond water and use once a month for maintenance. *Depending on the number and size of your fish and water plants, 2 packs may be needed.


  1. Pour entire contents of CWKE in a 2 litre pail of water, stir and wait for 5 minutes for the enzyme to be activated.
  2. Then pour around the edges of the pond.

Do note that on second or third day, pond water may appear even cloudier, but no worries, the water will clear up within one week. Voila!, your fish will be active and healthy as the totally dissolved solids aka TDS are ‘eaten up’ by the CWKE.


Water filters are not able to remove TDS , just like sugar that is dissolved in water, the filter is unable to remove sugar from water. With the same analogy, the dissolved waste and urine produced by fish will not be removed by water filters, but instead by our CWKE. With proper maintenance using the CWKE, no change of pondwater is required for up to 9 months. CWKE makes pond maintenance easy and hassle-free. Try it to believe!

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