Farmer Solutions

Create A Healthy Environment For Your Livestock

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Timcare Biotech provides farm owners the best eco-friendly solutions to sustain and care for their livestock.

Clear Water Koi Enzymes

This is a unique water and soil probiotic for high stocking density. It also decreases blue green algae, enhance fish health, stabilise water pH level, helps to build up beneficial phyto and zoo-plankton growth. This enzyme generally increase the oxygen level in the water, hence promoting a good water quality. Use 1 pack of 100g of Clear Water Koi Enzyme to 10,000 litres and use once a month.

Bionic Shrimp

Bionic Shrimp is a unique water & soil probiotic for high stocking density. It is used to eat up dissolved faeces and urine in the shrimp pond. It promotes healthy growth and reduce mortality rates significantly. Bionic Shrimp is fully organic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly to the shrimps and environment. It is welcomed and used extensively by shrimp farmers as shrimps grow to a sizable weight with very low mortality, hence maximizing profits. In conjunction with Bionic Shrimp, Timcare Bionic Anti-Virus is widely used by shrimp farmers to kill various water-borne viruses that causes high mortality rates.


Activ-D is a herbal growth supplement which will enhance the growth of the shrimps. It is NOT a hormone.

Sludge Ball

Sludge-Ball is a blend of specially formulated fermented product of Timcare Biotech to metabolise sludge and ammonia for FISH and SHRIMP farms. Once thrown into the ponds, they will sink and submerge to the bottom of the pond, where they are activated and start ‘digesting’ the sludge and ammonia as the name suggests. With correct dosage and proper management, NH3 reading will be reduced to zero, where the marine animals will thrive.’

Algae Buster

Algae Buster is an unique product to manage PO4 and algae that somehow, unfortunately, grow abundantly in fish and shrimp ponds. Too much PO4 will cause booms and bust blooms which adversely affect marine life.

Farmer Composer

Farmer Composter is used to convert chicken, cow and pig manure into organic fertiliser within 10 days. It is an effective enzyme which no other enzymes can come close to, in terms of its efficacy and effectiveness, in converting manure into dry and odourless fertiliser. This is a ‘MUST-TRY-TO-KNOW’ enzyme which amazes those who used it.