Fish Pond & Filter Cleaner

4 pack DIY kit for clearer and healthier environment for your fish pond.

TIMCARE BIOTECH’s Fish Pond & Filter Cleaner (FPFC) offers a biological cleaning solution for fish ponds. Unlike manual cleaning methods, FPFC ensures a 100% clean up of both the water filter section and the sludge residues inside the fish pond. While manual cleaning can only flush visible sludge from the filter section, FPFC digests and removes dissolved fish urine and waste from the water, providing a thorough cleaning that manual methods cannot achieve.


How It Works:

  • Eliminates biofilm, bad bacteria on the filter, pond walls, and in the water.
  • Kills parasites and fungi that develop on fish bodies due to the high content of waste in the pond.
  • The dissolved fish urine and waste are completely digested, resulting in a cleaner environment for the fish.

Using FPFC allows for privacy as no workers need to enter your private compound. Pond maintenance can be done at your own pace without any external interference. Additionally, FPFC is eco-friendly, contributing to a reduction in carbon footprint. The product is highly effective in transforming green water into crystal clear water within a span of five days. Through biological cleaning, FPFC ensures you a clear fish pond and a clean filter.

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