Fruit & Flower Booster

Ready-To-Use Spray for Fresher and Healthier Greens

Your fruit plant or flower plant is not blooming well?

Try Timcare Biotech’s Fruit/Flower Booster Ready-To-Use Spray.

Timcare is the manufacturer for this incredible enhancing booster.

  • 100% bio-fertiliser & 100% eco friendly.
  • Applicable to all fruit plants, vegetables, and all sort of flowering plants.
  • For fruit trees, just a few sprays on the soil once every week. The booster will enhance the absorption of nutrients for the fruits.
  • Same goes to flowering plants and vegetables, a few sprays on the soil is all it takes to enhance the blooming of your plants.
  • Hassle-free, convenient and safe to use too. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Finished the 500ml spray bottle? Fret not! Just refill with our 50ml concentrate at RM4/bottle. Pour the contents into the 500ml bottle , add water and Voila! you can use the spray bottle again. Try it out now!

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