A.K.A. Grease, Sludge, & Odour Digester

Get Rid of Grease, Sludge, & Odour

As the name clearly suggest, GSO digests FOGs along the pipelines and grease traps into water and carbon dioxide. Most enzymes are not able to function in acidic or alkaline condition or at cold or hot temperatures, but Timcare GSO is able to as it has a breakthrough formula that is able to work in a wide range of working parameters. The more it is used, the better the outcome. As odour is also significantly reduced, rats and cockroaches will not be attracted to the kitchen area, therefore resulting in a clean and pleasant working environment for the chefs.

GSO has the relevant certificates and reports conducted by qualified and reputable labs and University professors to prove that it is organic as well as its efficacy. For more information, please contact us.


How GSO Is Used, & Its Efficacy

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