Nodour Pet

Calling all pet owners: Get rid of odour in one spray!

Calling All Pet Owners Out There!

If you have furry children at home, and odour or bacteria has been a concern, this is the best solution for you! The disinfectant spray is not only a pet odour eliminator that removes the stench of litter or urine, it also gets rid of bacteria. The best part of it all is that it gets does the job in just 3 simple sprays.


  • Organic, Food Grade Safe, Non-Chemical, Plant Extract, Natural Mineral
  • Neutralizes Smells
  • Pets and human skin
  • Faeces and urine
  • Can be used for litter pans
  • Remove odour from Rubbish bins
  • Remove foul-smell from clothing
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Heals sensitive skin for your pets
  • Helps with fungus growth in your pets’ paws, mouth, or ears

Spray on targeted area and allow to dry or wipe dry after 30 second

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