Odour Removing Solutions

Live in an Odour-Free Environment

If you own a home or an establishment, it is important to keep the odour in check and prevent foul smell by getting to the root of the problem early-on.

AQUA Odour Remover

AQUA is a concoction of powerful microbes and enzymes to breakdown nitrogen- and sulphur-containing compounds which include amines, ammonia, mercaptans, nitrogen sulphide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). AQUA is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be used in any place that emits foul odour, such as chicken and cow farms, shrimp and pig farms, incinerators and rubbish dumps. Pour entire contents of the packet into water (see dosage instructions on product) and spray onto affected areas. The odour will be drastically removed in 10 minutes.


Bioball is enzyme used to remove foul smell at urinals, basin and shower traps. Ammonia from urine will ‘feed’ the enzymes, hence activating the microbes which start to digest the organic matter, thereby removing bad odour. Bioball will also digest the oil hence its usage is very versatile. Depending on how heavy is the usage, one bioball will generally last for 4 weeks. To prevent wastage, wet the ball and leave on affected areas after showering or washing.