Protect Your Liver From The Effects of Alcohol

Good news for alcohol drinkers as Orala is here to safeguard your liver from alcohol poisoning and damage. The enzyme will metabolize alcohol into water and carbon dioxide so no alcohol enters the blood stream that causes inebriation. However, do note that this is NOT an antidote to an already damaged liver. Orala works by digesting alcohol, hence eliminating the need for the liver or kidneys to do the job. This, in turn, greatly reduce the chances of hangovers. Hangovers are a result of alcohol’s assimilation into the blood stream, and symptoms include headaches, dehydration, irritability, sleep disturbances, liver cirrhosis, etc. To ease such symptoms, just suck 1-2 tablets and drink a 200ml glass of water before consuming alcohol. Orala can also be consumed after drinking and the result is the same. For more information, please contact us.

Reduce Toxic Products in Alcohol Metabolism

Dehydrogenase enzymes break down alcohol into CO2 and water, without formalin & acetaldehyde which cause hangover and bad breath.
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