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Sustainable Solutions to Alleviate Economical & Social Problems in the Aquaculture Industry

Our Mission

Timcare Biotech Sdn Bhd, in her bid to alleviate social and economic woes of developing countries, strives to impart aquaculture techniques and expertise to aspiring and would-be farmers in these countries, so as to provide a means of sustenance which inadvertently provides food security to them.
Timcare Biotech
Timcare Biotech

What We Do

Timcare Biotech has been, in recent years, providing successful operational aquaculture standard operating procedures (SOPs) and experiences to prawn and crab farmers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, by using their in-house enzymes namely, Bionic Shrimp, Sludge-Balls, Algae Buster, etc to manage the water condition of the ponds to produce bountiful harvest. As a matter of fact, Timcare Biotech has implemented her very own SOPs in her 30-acre 16-pond prawn farm at Banting with excellent harvest and extremely low mortality, which further validate her unique SOPs which have to be strictly adhered to.

Increase Aquaculture Production

By reducing mortality rate through a healthy environment for shrimps and crabs to live in, we can help significantly increase the production rate through our SOPs.

Organically Produce Larger Shrimps and Crabs

Using our biotechnology, we are able to produce larger shrimps without the use of antibiotics or hormones, which makes the shrimp healthier for consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only does our SOPs create a better and cleaner environment for the shrimps and crabs to live in, but also safer for the farmers who are constantly in direct contact.

Services We Offer

In integrated Farm Projects at National and Private levels, we provide:-
Timcare Biotech

Site study on water and soil condition, water inlets and outlets and environmental impact on surrounding area.

Timcare Biotech

Comprehensive Feasibility Study for both government and private sectors to submit any relevant Fund or Organization to apply for Grants or Subsidies.

Timcare Biotech

Comprehensive Master Plan, Project Construction Management, Project Management and Implementation and International Marketing Network.

Our Valued

International and Local Customers

Emperor Marine Seafood Sdn Bhd

Seri Manjung, Perak

Lean Huat Aquaculture Sdn Bhd

Teluk Intan, Perak

Multiple prawn farms at Tra Vinh and Ben Tre, Vietnam

Managed by Fastnego Company Ltd

Prawn Farm owned and managed by Mr. Jiaw

Semarang, Indonesia

• Prawn farm owned and managed by Mr Shiraz

Medan, Indonesia

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